Portable AC Rental for Construction Sites In Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York City, NY, Newark, Jersey City, Weehawken, Moonachie, NJ, PA, CT, and the Surrounding Areas

Complete more jobs quickly with Air/Ref

Air/Ref uses MovinCool portable A/Cs that accelerate drying faster than fans or dehumidifiers. Industrial-strength blowers pull in large volumes of moist air — and powerfully force warm, dry air across wet areas.

  • Roll it in, attach the duct — then plug it in and let it work.
  • Air conditioning and drying begin immediately.
  • Speeds the setting and curing of drywall compound, grout, caulking, paints and adhesives.

Heat and humidity are no match for MovinCool and Air/Ref.

Quick relief

When jobsite heat becomes unbearable, MovinCool spot coolers by Air/Ref provide quick relief for:

  • Workers in construction trailers, tents, and temporary offices.
  • Building occupants when central HVAC is down or off.
  • Heat-intensive work processes, such as welding.

We’re here for you.

Air/Ref experts will help you determine which MovinCool products are best for your application—and provide answers for technical questions about your product.

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