Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K

Low Voltage Portable Cooling

Unlike other portable AC units, this Tripp Lite model only draws (7) amps, which means you can plug (2) units into the same breaker to get twice the cooling power, with less of a footprint.

  • Prevent elevated room heat through pre-emptive cooling; blows air, but doesn’t pull air in
  • 12,000 BTU (3.5kW) of cooling capacity protects vital equipment against overheating
  • IT-grade hot air exhaust fan stays effective even under a high heat load
  • Built-in evaporator for drip-free operation—no need to empty water collection tanks
  • Self-contained design with no plumbing or special circuits—easy setup by almost anyone
  • 100% duty cycle keeps your equipment constantly cool with no downtime
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    Additional Features

    Use Tripp Lite’s SRCOOL12K portable air conditioner to cool small server rooms and network closets, or to spot-cool a hot rack in a data center. Best used before rooms get hot; need to shut down a server room and cool the area before it heats up again? Then this is the unit for you.

    This portable AC unit does not pull in air, it only blows out cool air, so if the room is very hot – you may need a larger unit.

    • Cools area up to 24 sq. m (258.33 sq. ft.)
    • Low Voltage (7AMPS) allows for (2) units to be plugged into the same breaker
    • Touch-sensitive control panel with multiple LEDs and numerical temperature readout

    Ideal for…

    • Server Rooms & Network Closets
    • Smaller Spaces & Rooms
    • Small Offices
    • Supplemental cooling
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    Tripp Lite Operation Manual

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