Classic 10

The original, durable standard for portable spot cooling.

The MovinCool Classic 10 portable air conditioner launched the portable cooling industry. It provides 10,000 Btu/h of cooling and takes less than 3.5 sq. ft. of floor space. It’s ideal for keeping people cool and productive — and keeping processes working at optimum levels.

Product features:

  • No special power requirements. Runs on 115V with 15 amp circuit.
  • Minimal electricity use. Consumes just 1.1 kW.
  • Generous flexible duct. Lets you target cold air as needed up to 40 ft. from unit.
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    Temperature control for office, factory, and warehouse.

    • Cools in conditions from 70° to 105°F.
    • Digital push-button controls for swift and simple operation.
    • Ultra-quiet operation — similar to levels of a cat purring.

    Roll it in. Set it up. Turn it on.

    Keep processes running efficiently — and keep employees comfortable and productive.

    Cooling Capacity (BTU)

    Phase Requirement













    Images/Videos Callout No. Part No. Item Description

    1 481170-0180 Supply Air Flange Kit, 5-in dia. 5-in diameter white metal flange with wire clamp and mounting screws. Use with supply air ducts.

    3 484209-0030 Dual Duct, 5-in dia. 5-in diameter white plastic flange with two 4-in nozzles that extend to 2 feet in length.
    4 481744-0090 Self-Supported Duct, 5-in dia., White 5-in diameter, white plastic duct that extends from 6.5 to 10 feet in length.
    5 481851-0200 Trim Ring, 5-in dia. 5-in diameter black plastic ring mounts as end caps for extension duct.
    7 481170-0191 Exhaust Air Flange Kit, 12-in dia. 12-in diameter gray metal flange with wire clamp and mounting screws.
    8 481744-0060 Self-Supported Duct, 12-in dia., White 12-in diameter white, plastic duct that extends 6.5 to 10 feet in length
    8A LAY45771-0060 Flexible Air Duct, 12-in dia. (not shown) 12-in diameter wire-reinforced, accordion-style duct in 10-ft length for outdoor air exhaust. Includes clamp.
    9 LA146373-8280 Celling Tile Kit, 12-in hole, plastic 24-in x 24-in plastic white tile with 12-in hole for exhaust air self-supported duct.
    9A GX484490-0770 Ceiling Tile Kit, 12-in hole, metal 24-in x 24-in sheet metal tile with 12-in hole and built-in flange for exhaust air flexible duct kit.
    10 LAY84270-0040 Outdoor Heat Exchanger Plenum Plastic plenum for return air to condenser. Hinged for filter cleaning.
    11 LA484789-0121 Condensate Pump Kit, 110V 110V pump kit includes 3/8-in diameter x 20-ft length hose. Includes installation hardware.
    12 484009-0480 Cover Plate Blue metal plate covers condensate collection area.
    15 LAY84420-0720 Storage Cover Durable black nylon oxford unit storage cover.

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