Office Pro 60

The original, durable standard for portable spot cooling.

Office Pro 60 Office and Server Room Air Conditioner Unit
Providing up to 60,000 BTU per hour of computer cooling capacity (more than twice the cooling power of the Office Pro 24), the Office Pro 60 portable air conditioner is specifically designed for cooling large office spaces and computer rooms that house heat-generating electronics. As an ideal server room air conditioner, it prevents computer networks, communications, and office equipment from shutting down when temperatures rise.

Avoid crippling daily operations by bringing this portable A/C to just the space or room that needs it. Protect critical data from being lost. This powerful computer room air conditioner saves on money while protecting your company’s investment in equipment, employees and customers. Self-contained and portable, the Office Pro 60 requires no costly installation. Simply roll it in, plug it in and turn it on!

**Exhaust duct required in most cases.

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    Office Pro 60 Portable Air Conditioner for the Office or Electrical Room

    Low Temperature Option

    • Low temperature operation ideal for cooling heat-sensitive equipment.

    Plug and Play Pump

    • Offers an optional “Plug and Play” condensate pump that can be installed in just minutes.

    Electrical Safety

    • Protected with an AFCI plug for added safety against the unwanted effects of electrical arcing.

    Easy to Use

    • Totally self-contained with no costly installation necessary.
    • Operates automatically after-hours or during weekends with easy-to-use controls.
    Cooling Capacity (BTU)

    Phase Requirement












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