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From visible dirt to microscopic bacteria, air filters can capture a host of airborne substances that otherwise create serious problems. Air Ref provides custom air filters for a variety of applications, from air handling units and ventilation duct systems to outside air plenums and clean rooms. Our helpful associates have assisted businesses throughout Moonachie, New York City, Weehawken, Newark, and Jersey in choosing the right air filter for their specific needs.

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    MERV Ratings: What The Are, Why They Matter

    MERV is an acronym for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It is a numerical rating system for determining how much matter passes through an air filter. It uses a scale from 1 to 20, predicated on the minimum particle size a filter captures:

    1 to 4 Captures particles greater than 10 micrometers. This would include household debris, most construction-related particles, bugs, and dust mites. Typical applications include most window air conditioners.
    5 to 8 Captures particles greater than 3 micrometers. This would include pet dander, mold, and aerosol sprays. Permanently-installed residential air conditioners fall into this category.
    9 to 12 Captures particles greater than 1 micrometer. This would include most dust and common pollutants. Hospital laboratories and high-end residential air conditioners fit this category.
    13 to 16 Captures particles greater than 0.3 micrometers. Bacteria, droplets from sneezing, smoke, and most other pollutants fall into this measurement. Patient and surgery rooms of hospitals require this level of filtration.
    17 to 20 Almost all particles are captured by filters with this MERV rating. This would capture viruses and the finest types of smoke, dust, and other debris. Clean rooms that manufacture intricate electronics, as well as spaces dedicated to scientific experiments.

    (PLEASE NOTE: This table represents a general application of the MERV rating system. Allergies and other health considerations may require a higher level of filtration.)

    Better Construction Requires Better Filters

    Today’s improved insulation and airtight construction are designed to maintain a conditioned temperature. Unfortunately, the technology that has improved our comfort level has increased our health risks. It greatly reduces the introduction of fresh outdoor air throughout homes and offices, so stale air continues to recirculate…and so do the pollutants from cleaning, cooking, and other typical daily activities. A higher-rated filter can help keep that recirculating air free of irritants.

    Custom Air Filters in Newark, Jersey City, Weehawken, and Moonachie, NJ

    Custom Air Filters in New York City, NY

    Air Ref: Your MERV Air Filter Provider

    Air Ref offers a large selection of MERV-rated air filters for virtually every application. Our helpful, professional team can assist in making sure you get the correct rating for your needs. We carry a variety of standard sizes and can also help you with those odd-sized and hard-to-find filters, including those with the highest MERV rating. Air Ref provides MERV filters for area hospitals and other medical facilities.

    Whatever the size, rating, or application, Air Ref has the filter you need.

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